This last winter the California Sierra Mountains received a record amount of snowfall. This spring, the valleys below also had an amazing amount of water run-off. My backyard fruit trees loved the extra water and produced an incredible amount of fruit. Unable to keep up with the bountiful produce, I started a photo project last month documenting some of the “Forgotten Fruit” that I found blemished, on the ground, or otherwise left unharvested. Many of the decaying items started to take on expressions. I used my interpretation of these expressions to create studio images of fruit that is relatable to our human experience and emotions.

Most of the fruit was photographed individually and then some were combined in Photoshop. No AI was used, and nothing was added to the fruit. All the pieces are seen as in-camera. No alterations were made to the natural fruit blemishes and only minimal Photoshop was used to lighten the background, resize to best fit in the frame, color correct, and remove any rouge dust specks or lint.


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