When my son was a baby, he demanded all of my time. If I wasn’t engaging with him, he got quite upset. As a new mom, I thought I might completely lose my sense of self and I wasn’t accustomed to the lack of independence. I decided to use the time with him to my advantage. Luckily, my son had a surplus of hair so there was something to style. I also had a lot of hand-me-down baby clothes to work with. Additionally, I ordered up a few fun baby pieces to finish off the last images. The goal was to get 12 images that I could make into a calendar and send to my relatives at the new year. These 10 are my favorites.  All of the photos were taken when my son was between the ages of 3 to 5 months old. Throughout the process, he seemed to enjoy being the center of my attention.

The Twenty-SomethingThe PunkThe ExecutiveThe Tennis ProThe Skate RatThe Jersey CheeseballThe PreppyThe RoadsterThe WoodsmanThe Retiree